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Real Estate Investment Purchasing

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Real Estate Investment Purchasing

HomeRiver Group Indianapolis Investment services provides analysis that is concise, but rigorous enough to give clients confidence in our recommendations. Our reporting is data-driven, but our experience is real-world. We’re full-service in our skills and approach, handling substantial portfolios or single-purchase investments. Having our roots in property management, we have experience and passion for consulting and analytics to provide investors the tools to select the properties to fit their objectives of their investments. We offer a full service approach to real estate and all the benefits and rewards that come with real estate investing.

HomeRiver Group Indianapolis’s team has purchased, renovated, leased, managed, and sold thousands of homes in central Indiana. Both as investors and on behalf of clients. That experience has given HomeRiver Group Indianapolis an unparalleled understanding of the market and the ability to execute our client’s desired strategy. We’re not opportunist Realtors who took up property management in the real estate slump. We believe in a working knowledge of the market. We know our neighborhoods, market pricing and rental rates. We bring that expertise to our clients as we maximize the profitability of their real estate portfolios.

Investment Services

  • Auction Buying

    In the past decade, HomeRiver Group Indianapolis’s team has purchased thousands of properties through the auction channels in Central Indiana. Over that time, HomeRiver Group Indianapolis’s investment team has created and refined a system that both quickly identifies the potential opportunities while minimizing the buyer’s risks. The HomeRiver Group Indianapolis auction team scrubs auction data using proprietary software, deploys trained asset underwriters to inspect the potential properties, and orders a preliminary title report on each potential acquisition. From all of this underwriting, the HomeRiver Group Indianapolis team then estimates final property values, combined with auction fees, purchase commissions, and projected real costs to produce a recommended bid price.
  • Property Inspections

    HomeRiver Group Indianapolis property inspectors and rehabilitation managers will investigate the physical condition of the property, reviewing all structural, electrical, and mechanical systems. They will note any observable systems an investor should be aware of before purchasing.
  • Start to Finish Services

    When a decision is made to purchase, HomeRiver Group Indianapolis offers contract and closing services, property inspections, rehabilitation management services, property tax negotiations, as well as historic tax exemption consultancy. Through our industry leading pro-forma-analysis, our consultants help clients evaluate real estate from all angles — from financial analysis (including capitalization rate determination, and evaluation of rate of return or cash-on-cash return) to long term valuation.
  • Continued Property Management

    We will estimate the long term value prospect of your property (including your potential future appreciation, market upside and downside, and the market potential). Once a property is acquired, we can implement HomeRiver Group Indianapolis’s property management services, leasing and maintaining single and multi-family properties. When you are ready for resell, HomeRiver Group Indianapolis will market your property for a quick sale with a service team you already have on your side!

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