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What You Should Know About Section 8 Rental Properties

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According to the Federal Reserve, low-income families spend 56% of their income on rent. Therefore, many landlords wonder should they allow section 8 tenants since the cost of renting is too high for people.You should know as a la... read more >>

Indianapolis Property Management: A Complete Guide

Property Management Blog
Home prices in Indianapolis have risen 11.5 percent in the last year, and projections indicate prices will continue to climb until at least 2024. Even with the high prices, many homes are selling far above asking price.This is gre... read more >>

How to Complete a Full Rental Analysis

Property Management Blog
Interested in becoming a real estate investor? Real estate investing can be lucrative, as long as you perform your due diligence.You'll need to do a rental analysis before you make any decisions about buying properties. Jumpin... read more >>

How to Be a Good Landlord | Indianapolis, IN

Property Management Blog
Succeeding with your rental property investment is contingent upon your willingness to be a good landlord. If you are new to having tenants and renting out homes, or you know you can use some improvement, pay attention to these ti... read more >>

Should You Sell or Rent Your Indianapolis Home?

Property Management Blog
When you own a home in Indianapolis and you decide to move or you have to relocate for work, you’ll be faced with the question of whether you should sell your property. This depends on a number of factors, including your fin... read more >>
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